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Recently, we’ve seen an increasing number of businesses utilize the work from home model for their employees. And while it seems like a simple transition to make, the truth is, there is a lot to think about before making the switch.

The thing we see most often is employees utilizing their personal cell or home phone for business purposes. It’s easy to understand why – after all – businesses usually only take the time to set up phone systems in a physical office. But this could be putting you, your employees, and your clients at risk.

Assessing The Risks

remote working privacy While personal phones can make transitioning between the office and home easy, it doesn’t mean it’s best. Employees who use their phones for business can be exposing their personal numbers each time they make a call. This can lead to privacy issues and improper contact.

Data protection of client lists and contacts is another reason to be wary. If an employee spends time collecting client information on their personal device and leaves the company, that data is lost. Unfortunately, the data on personal devices don’t usually make it into the CRM system.

Companies also experience inconsistency in branding when personal phones are used. Where the business name used to show up on caller ID, customers now just see individual names associated with each personal device. The strong identity that used to be present can vanish overnight.

The Better Solution

We recommend utilizing a VoIP system. With this option, you can manage it from anywhere and build your solution from the ground up.

For example, one business may choose to use VoIP with mobile devices exclusively. They get the benefit of a central management system and the use of options for their employees. Another business may choose to integrate their existing handheld phones with individual mobile devices. The right system can easily adapt to meet your business needs and goals.

A VoIP empowers companies to manage security, client contact, and data, all while presenting the right image to customers and giving employees flexibility.

If you want to discuss work-at-home readiness, give us a call.

We’d be happy to help you get started with a solution that works best for your business, employees, and customers.

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