Seamless Transmission of Faxes via Email

It’s now possible to migrate your office fully to Voice Over IP without needing to leave lines behind for faxing. offers a comprehensive, managed desktop fax service via VoIP for multiple recipients and inbound fax numbers.

Traditional Faxing to Your Desktop

Receive traditional faxes in an all-digital format directly to your inbox or your fax machine.

Single Fax Number to Multiple Desktops

Manage and distribute faxes to the appropriate recipient(s).

Fax Conversion Engines Work with Many Formats

Send virtually any type of digital format to any other traditional or desktop fax.

using a fax machine that send to email

Features & Benefits

  • The ability to port your existing fax number(s).
  • Put outbound faxing on each desktop in your office.
  • No incremental or per-page costs for inbound faxes.
  • Unlimited outbound local faxing.
  • Low metered rate for long-distance faxes.
infographic showing how fax to email process works

Desktop Fax & Text Service from’s faxing and text message solution is a smooth way to transition from plain old telephone service (POTS) to digital documents that are delivered right to your email inbox or incorporated into your existing process. 

Superior Technology

  • The ability to port your existing fax number(s).
  • Delivery to the desktop.
  • Solutions to utilize traditional fax machines.

Increased Efficiency

  • Utilize email for fax distribution.
  • Archive every fax digitally.
  • Quickly manage faxes with easy-to-use software.


  • Reduces paper consumption.
  • Digital backup copy of faxes.
  • Redirect faxes without resending or needing to print.

Free Software & Support

  • Manage all fax communications.
  • Integrate with virtually any platform.
  • Professional support for all of our services.

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