Our training video series, phone training manual, and call record instructions are available to you for the majority of our features and services. Since all Ohio.net Voice Over IP configurations are individually designed for each customer, your system may operate or look a little different than the video. If you have specific questions regarding your setup or need a higher level of support, please call us at 330-658-0555. We are happy to help.

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Polycom Phones
Training Videos

Phone Installation

Need help setting up your new phone system? This step-by-step video tutorial will show you how to assemble your phone, including setting up the Ethernet cable. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Personal Settings

Let’s make your phone your own! In this training video you will learn how to adjust the:

  • Phone angle
  • Display brightness and contrast
  • Ring, handset, and speakerphone volumes
  • Ring type

Voicemail Setup

Learn how to check your voicemail and record personal greetings, including no answer, do not disturb, busy, and name options. Pro tip: smiling while you’re talking makes your voice sound even friendlier!

Placing & Receiving Calls

Learn about internal, external, local, long distance, and international calls. This video also covers how to navigate your phone’s directory and call history.

Hold Calls

Hold, please! Just kidding, you can watch this video right now. Accidentally dropping calls is frustrating; watching this video can help! Learn the difference between “holding” and “parking” when placing callers on hold.

Park Calls

Parking calls is as easy as parking your car! Unless it’s parallel parking…then it’s MUCH easier. After watching this short tutorial you’ll get it right every time.

Transferring Calls

In this training video we demonstrate how to execute blind verses attended transfers. There’s a call for you on line one!

Web Portal Login

Follow this tutorial to login at http://myphone.ohio.net. You will need the information contained in the “Welcome Letter” that came with your phone. This video contains a quick overview of the Web Portal interface.

Web Portal Features

A more in-depth look at the Web Portal interface and all the great things you can do there. Learn how to take calls remotely from your cellphone with “Find Me Calls” and how to set up forwarding numbers.


This video covers common problems that can occur and how to resolve them. If you are still having issues with your new phone, please contact our tech support in your “Welcome Letter”. You can also reach us at 330-658-0555, option 2. We’re always happy to help!

Training Manuals

Using Your Polycom VVX 300/400 IP Telephone

VVX300/400-201603 Presentation

  • Learn about the icons and indicators
  • Review the phone settings
  • Set up voicemail and call forwarding
  • Use call waiting, hold, transfer, and call parking

Zoiper Installation Process

Adding your Zoiper Desktop License & Configuring Extension

  • Receiving your Zoiper 5.0 License
    • Email from Zoiper@Ohio.net
      • Link to install the software on the computer that will be your phone
      • License Key for unlocking the full phone version
  • Installing our welcome letter info with extension
    • Extension Login Username/Password
    • Web Portal and Voice Mail access

Yaylink Devices
Training Videos

Parking Calls

Phone Installation


Hold Calls

Placing and Receiving Calls

Transferring Calls

Call Record Instructions

Follow these instructions to search for calls, email, and run reports.

Logging In

Go to http://callrec.vpbx.ohio.net/ and enter your username and password, which is available in your welcome letter.

Finding a Call

When in the “Search & Play” tab, there are multiple criteria you can use to locate a specific call or group of calls, including:

  • Caller or Receiver (Extension)
  • Phone #
  • Date

To search for a call, enter one or more of the above criteria into the search bar fields at the top of the page and click “Search”.

The results from the search can be further filtered by organizing the list by ascending or descending order by the criteria of your choice. These criteria are listed across the top:

  • Caller
  • Receiver
  • Phone #
  • Duration (of call)
  • Date Time
  • Rating
  • ID
  • Notes

To sort by one of the above criteria, mouse over the one you wish to select. The text box will lighten and a down arrow will appear. Click the arrow and choose from “Sort Ascending” or “Sort Descending” in the menu.

To clear a search, click the “Clear” button across from “Search” on the far right.

Playing Calls

To listen to a call, click the “Play link under the Options column of the call you wish to hear. This will download the audio file. Files can be opened or saved then opened. You do not need to save a file to listen to your call.

Note: Depending on the browser you are using (ie: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, ect.) your downloaded file will appear in different locations. If you cannot find your audio file directly in your browser, the file should be available in you computer’s “Downloads” folder.

Emailing Calls

If you would like to send your file to an email account, click on the “Email” link in the Options column of the call you wish to send.

The ‘From’ field will be filled for you with your user email. Enter the email of your desired receiver in the ‘To’ field. A CC field is also available. The subject line will read “Sip Print Audio File Attached”, but can be changed if needed. Click ‘Send’ to deliver your email or ‘Cancel’ to exit the window without sending.

Rating & Notes

Star ratings and notes can be added by the user by clicking the “Edit” link under the Options column in any given call.* A separate window will pop up, with a text box for typing notes. A rating can be given to the call by selecting 1-5 stars. Click “Save” to keep changes or “Cancel” to exit the window without saving.

*This section call also be reached by double-clicking the “Notes” field.

Running Reports

Click on the “Reports” tab at the top of the page. Here, you will find 5 sub-tabs, each of which are a different report you can run. These include:

  • Top Users by Call Count
  • Top Users by Duration
  • Rating by User
  • Most Frequently Dialed
  • Longest Calls

Click on the tab of the report you wish to run, then select the date range using the search bar. You also have the option to narrow your report criteria by minimum and maximum call duration (by seconds). Click “Run Report”.

Reports include both a graph and spreadsheet of the information. Reports cannot be downloaded.

Call Recording FAQs

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