Go beyond your current communication standards and switch your business to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Our VOIP phone service goes above and beyond your traditional phone company by offering private numbers, toll free calling and an expanded service area. By condensing your data and voice communication into one line, you also reduce your cost and number of bills. We have expanded our reach across the nation, as well as the hardware we support. We provide you with numerous options and opportunities that fit your needs to accommodate your business.

We offer legacy telephone service integration, SIP Trunking, Hosted service and Cloud PBX.  Whether you want to integrate your current phone system or utilize your existing internet service, our experts at Ohio.net can direct you to the correct service.


  • Upgrade your phone system without expensive hardware costs. Hosted service from Ohio.net gives you all of the advantages of a sophisticated phone system without the heavy, up front investment.


Cloud PBX

  • Cloud PBX offers a professional voice solution that provides the most up to date features and integration.


SIP Trunking

  • Technology capabilities routinely expand while costs decrease. Through SIP Trunking, you have the ability to connect your SIP capable PBX system into a digital provider, receiving the consistent level of service you expect.



  • Extending the life of your legacy telecommunications system means smart business. Often older phone systems require a connection that mimics traditional phone services. Ohio.net PRI service provides reliable service on a VOIP platform that helps bridge the technology gap.


 Fax to Email

  • Ohio.net Desktop Fax Service is a smooth way to transition from needing a plain old telephone service (POTS) for your paper fax machine to digital documents that are delivered right to your email inbox or incorporated into your existing traditional fax process.