Network Visibility Service is a network support and monitoring service that includes automated, real-time monitoring for your critical network infrastructure. Dependency on network up time and local area network stability is vital for internet connected services. Having the ability to quickly assess network bottlenecks and utilization helps organizations to fix issues quickly and get back to work.

Why Network Visibility Will Benefit Your Business

  • Network Utilization – This service works in conjunction with your gateway/firewall and network switch interfaces to provide a detailed view of your network utilization by network device.
  • 24/7 Status – This service provides 24/7 real-time status of your network attached devices.
  • Web Interface – In addition to monitoring, Ohio.net provides a customer web interface providing the ability to view the status of all monitored equipment.
  • Live Support – Live support through our network operation center increase to your ability to quickly identify and mediate problems with your internet service or local area network issues.