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Ohio.Net is happy to see new municipal fiber installation projects across five communities in Northeast Ohio. With Fairlawn adding fiber capabilities to its infrastructure, businesses will have more powerful Internet connections to help them maximize their efficiency and therefore, serve their business community better.

Our support team here at Ohio.Net is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the satisfaction levels of our customers and utilizing existing fiber facilities is a great way to do that.

The benefits of combining VoIP service with a municipal fiber connection are endless. Not only will it provide businesses with faster and stable Internet, it can offer capabilities to replace old technology phone lines and outdated systems. This will allow our customers to be a step ahead in the world of technology.

Municipal fiber improves stability for connections, possesses the ability for most carriers to segment or prioritize traffic and decreases the probability that businesses will have to consume all of their available bandwidth. This kind of upgrade in the network gateway has the capability to replace low tech broadband modems with direct to an Ethernet cable, and to provide a great opportunity to replace a customer premise-based phone system with a hosted option. These are all just a few reasons why coupling VoIP with municipal fiber can set your business up for long-term success.

Ohio.Net loves to see these kinds of technology improvements – the networks that support local industry creates jobs by ensuring businesses have fast, affordable and reliable Internet access. Say goodbye to the old broadband and cable networks as they just don’t cut it in today’s high-speed market. Fiber networks improve the productivity of existing businesses and attract new businesses to communities. They can also support advanced healthcare and security systems, strengthen local housing markets, and represent long-term social investments in the form of better-connected schools and libraries, while creating millions of dollars in savings that can be reinvested into local economies.

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