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This week’s customer testimonial is spotlighting a nonprofit you’ve probably heard of…Soap Box Derby!

The Soap Box Derby is one of the many organizations we’ve been able to help through our nonprofit program. Communications plays a vital role in any business, but especially for nonprofits! Keeping in touch with the community and with sponsors is key to the success of their goals. The unfortunate reality is that between budgets and trying to keep the largest percentage of profits going towards their cause, many nonprofits are using outdated communication tools and phone systems.

This is why we created our nonprofit program. With donated phones and discounted service, we are able to provide nonprofits with updated phone systems to help them make the most of communications.

Thanks to Cory Katzenmeyer, Marketing Manager for Soap Box Derby, for taking the time to sit with us to discuss their outdated communication challenges, and how they were able work with us to find the best solution for their needs.


Did you know the first Soap Box Derby Race took place in Dayton, Ohio in 1934?

Some things only get better with age, but your phone system is definitely not one of them. Updated systems means better communications with the community and your sponsors!

Ready to replace an old phone system? Looking for a custom solution that fits your nonprofit’s goals and workflow? helps nonprofits by providing donated phones and discounted service! Are you or do you know of a deserving nonprofit that could benefit  from updated communications?

Nominate an organization! Contact Alex Desberg at or 330.658.1888.

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