7 Reasons Number Portability is Important to Your Business Communications
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7 Reasons Number Portability is Important to Your Business Communications What is “number portability”, and why is it important for your business?

The concept of VoIP number portability refers simply to the ability for a VoIP provider to take a traditional phone number out of the public switched telephone network and apply it to VoIP service. This can be highly valuable for a business.

Let’s look at seven reasons VoIP number portability is important for any business and its communication systems.

1. Geographic Locations Don’t Matter
Any business that is moving to a new geographic location can encounter the issue of being unable to move an existing number to the new locale. With a VoIP phone system, this is no longer an issue. You can move your existing number or numbers to VoIP and take them to any other location with ease. This way your clients never need to learn a new number.

2. No Physical Restrictions
Traditional phone systems are based on physical resources and systems and are tied to wiring and equipment in specific locations. VoIP number portability offers no geographical restrictions, and much greater flexibility. Take your number to your new office, access it from the home office, or use it while traveling.

3. Business Consistency
VoIP number portability means existing numbers can be maintained, allowing current customers and prospects to continue to reach your company in the same manner. Not having to change numbers offers consistency, less hassle, and less risk of losing or disrupting business along the way.

4. Local Numbers Anywhere
Businesses that work directly in multiple local markets, but aren’t physically located in all of them, can use a VoIP phone system and VoIP number portability to obtain local numbers. This allows your consumers to feel they’re working with a local company.

5. Number Planning
With VoIP, the amount of actual numbers your business utilizes isn’t tethered to a physical number of wired phone lines or phone systems. Utilize dozens, or hundreds, of unique phone numbers from one system, or have multiple phones for a single number. VoIP number portability allows your business to strategically plan how it handles both internal and external communications.

6. Use in Any Way
VoIP number portability allows your business to use existing numbers in any way you choose. Use them as a main company number, direct in dial numbers, fax lines, and a range of additional applications.

7. Say Goodbye to RCF
In the past, remote call forwarding (RCF) was needed as the work-around for many of the above issues. While effective, this was typically quite expensive. VoIP phone systems, on the other hand, are highly cost-efficient and budget friendly. Say goodbye to the big price tag of RCF, while still receiving all the benefits it provides.

VoIP number portability gives your business options and the ability to strategically structure your phone system to best serve your customers and your team. Consider these seven reasons and maximize your VoIP phone system’s capabilities.

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