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cloud phone system
Still don’t quite understand the “cloud” and how it can realistically be put to use in your business? If that’s the case, then it’s likely some invaluable opportunities have been overlooked. It’s time to learn about how a cloud phone system can improve your business and the overall productivity and capabilities of your business communications.

Let’s look at 6 ways a cloud phone system can improve remote workforce productivity.

1. Work from Home
More employers today are looking for employees in that are able to work from home. It’s important for businesses to be able to accommodate this without making any sacrifices to productivity. A high quality cloud phone system makes that possible.

2. Work on the Move
When your sales team or other employees are constantly traveling from one location to the next, the same principle as above applies. With a cloud phone system, any frequent traveler can stay fully connected and ready to get the job done, whether it’s from an airport lounge, hotel conference room, or between appointments. When working on the move, it’s essential that your team can accomplish work with the full features and capabilities they’d have while in the office.

3. Be Flexible & Scalable
Businesses today should be lean and well-prepared to make quick changes. A cloud-based VoIP business phone system helps make that possible. Quick growth spurts can be matched, and adjustments in the other direction don’t leave behind wasted investments in infrastructure and technology.

4. Adapt Quickly
A cloud phone system gives you to the minute, immediate capabilities. There’s no delay waiting for installation or setup and no downtime as a new employee or location is put into place. When your business has a new need, cloud-based phone systems can adapt quickly.

5. Improve Collaboration
Remote desktop and remote phone services are a great combination, and add a range of other powerful capabilities. Deliver winning performance from across the country, finalize a report from a hotel, or hold an important meeting while at the airport.

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6. Keep Costs in Check
The only thing more important than productivity is profitability, and a VoIP phone system can make a dramatic difference here. Both the upfront costs in terms of technology and hardware investment, and the ongoing costs of daily and monthly usage, are far lower than comparable, traditional systems.

If your business needs to keep its workforce on the move and connected, you may want to consider a cloud phone system.

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