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3 Benefits of Integrating a VoIP Business Phone System with Your IT Infrastructure
We’ve talked a lot about how Voice over IP (VoIP) may be the best solution for your business phone system, as it provides a variety of benefits, including lower maintenance, scalability, and the ability to use it with your mobile devices. Another great aspect of a VoIP phone system is that, when done well, it can effectively integrate with your organization’s IT infrastructure as you move toward new technology to manage your business.

The beauty of VoIP is in its ability to adapt – whether that means expanding or even reducing – with the ever-changing needs of your business. While traditional phone systems are wrought with limitations, VoIP phone systems actually work alongside your nimble business, bending and morphing to your specific requirements.

Following are three types of organizations that can benefit by integrated a VoIP business phone system with their IT infrastructure:

Large Inbound Call Volume

Service companies with large inbound calling volume often require a phone system that intricately integrates with every function of the call center. Call queues tend to work well when an organization is faced with high call volume and detailed call flow once a caller enters the system.

Mobile or Sales-Heavy Organization

For a mobile sales force or an on-the-road customer service team, one major adaptive advantage VoIP provides over a traditional phone system is a “find me” feature. This unique benefit allows the phone call to ring through to a user, no matter where he or she is. Implementing a system that is able to communicate with (or just “know”) your IT infrastructure can ensure calling is monitored properly, call flow is routed most effectively, and your sales and service team are always accessible.

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Multi-Location Business

The best user experience over the phone comes when there is a seamless transition from the first answer to the final resolve. When a company has multiple locations, this can often result in a breakdown in communication. VoIP phone systems resolve this issue in several ways:

  • A hosted phone system allows for a single system for multiple locations – one VoIP provider to handle everything, instead of dealing with local phone companies for each location.
  • Call transfers that go across the office, across the country or around the world are all seamless to the caller.
  • With a single system comes a singular brand message – no need to depend on local staff to ensure auto-attendants and voicemail recordings match with brand standards.

Bringing VoIP into your overall infrastructure provides your company with versatility and a higher level of efficiency, but it also provides an opportunity to look at your complete IT picture and ensure all parts are integrated properly and effectively with each other.

If you have any questions about VoIP for business and how it can integrate with your current IT infrastructure, let’s chat! Call us at 888-881-0805 or email us here!

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