Build On Your Existing Communications Protocols


Ohio.net can deliver SIP trunks directly to your IP enabled PBX, Asterisk or Cisco Call Manager using standard internet or private, point-to-point connections. Greatly reduce your per call costs by eliminating PRI packaged bundles. SIP Trunking (Session Initiated Protocol) technology was specifically designed to deliver Dial Tone services to network connected devices. These tend to look and operate more like a traditional phone system, but by using SIP Trunking Technology they then gain the ability to connect across Internet and Wide Area Network environments. This helps to eliminate most traditional phone company services and adds the ability to bridge multi-location systems together. SIP trunking services require a stable network connection to the compatible phone system and the services that match your systems needs.

Ohio.net is not a reseller. We are a progressive technology company with more than 110 years of telephone experience. Count on our experienced phone professionals to determine the best equipment for your unique situation.

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The next step in the evolution of enterprise communication

  • Remove yourself from the cycle of contracting with local dial tone providers
  • Connect via internet or private, point-to-point connection
  • Tailored solutions to meet your unique trunking needs