Full Training

Thank you for choosing Ohio.net! We’re glad to have you on board and want to make your experience a positive one from the start. This training video will walk you through step-by-step, setting up and making the most of the many features of your new hosted phone. To view individual topics, please reference the videos below.


Phone Installation

Where’s this wire go? Follow these four easy steps to get your new phone powered up and ready to go.

Personal Settings

You can’t always get what you want, but you can set up your phone to suit your preferences. This short tutorial covers everything from adjusting the display brightness to choosing your ring tone.

Placing and Receiving Calls

This video covers internal, external, local, long distance, and international calling. Learn how to navigate your call history.

Transferring Calls

In this hosted training video, you will learn how to execute both blind and attended transfers. It’s easy!

Holding Calls

Need to place your caller on hold? Learn how in this 30 second video and never drop a call again!

Parking Calls

Parking is like holding, but allows anyone to answer. Let us show you how it works.


In this quick video, you will learn how to navigate your voicemail, as well as how to record personalized greetings including:

-No Answer

-Do Not Disturb



Web Portal Login

See how to use your login information found in your “Welcome Letter” to log in at http://myphone.ohio.net. The Web Portal will serve as your hub for managing your phone online; view your directory, voicemails, and many other helpful features here!

Web Portal Features

Watch this video for an overview of the Web Portal interface and its many features, including how to forward your calls to your cellphone or an alternative line.


Learn how to identify common issues with your hosted phone set up and how to resolve them. For additional help, please feel free to call our tech support team; we’re glad to help! The tech number is located in your “Welcome Letter” or you can call 330-658-0555, option 2.