It’s All About Location  colo

Ohio.net’s colocation facility includes 24/7 monitoring of power, security, data flow and environmental controls. We create an ideal environment for companies or individuals that have a need for high-level colocation services.  Our clients have access to the monitoring results for verification of the safety and performance of their servers and equipment.  Our state-of-the-art hosting facility is the ideal location for your servers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Physical Security – We offer shared and private colocation facilities.
    • Shared Colocation Facility – All access to the shared servers facility is by escort only and available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.
    • Managed and Private Colocation Facility – Based on proximity card systems, all customers are issued a personalized access profile. Access to the facility is tracked and recorded electronically including in-facility closed circuit web cameras.
  • Power – Redundant power feeds with divergent access points to the facility are protected by individual Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors for 120/240. Our facility is supplied by redundant 60 kW power generators that provide automatic switching and backup between two independent power sources. Power inverter and conditioner are also supplied within each facility (20a service per 100 square feet).
  • Environmental Controls – Each zone of our facility is supported by independent and redundant environmental controls. The facility is kept within optimal conditions for your hosted equipment with more than 24 tons of cooling capacity.
  • Fire Detection & Suppression – Fire detection is provided facility-wide by individual Inergen units controlled by an
    AFP300 Control System with the appropriate zoning for isolating any fire related incidents.
  • Fiber Network – Our hosting and co-location facility is a PUCO regulated facility and houses a Class5 switch that supplies dial tone and data services to the surrounding community.  This means there are multiple fiber facilities terminated within our facility in addition to the dedicated fiber facilities for data and co-location used by our customers.  Ohio.net can offer customers scalable bandwidth or dedicated fiber feeds.


Ohio.net offers colocation packages starting at $149.00 per month.  Contact Ohio.net to speak with a colocation specialist and to receive a custom quote for your data and facility needs.