Whether you are looking to meet regulations or improve customer service, Call Recording, available with Cloud PBX, is yet another way Ohio.net helps you take your business to the next level in telecommunications. With endless benefits and features, Call Recording provides you with invaluable insights into both your customers and employees. 

BENEFITS: Why use Call Recording for My Business?

Meet Regulations. Comply with Legal Guidelines for your Industry or Service

Resolve Disputes. Save Money by Avoiding Legal Issues

Improve Customer Service. Gain invaluable insights into your customer experience.

New Employee Training. Use existing recordings train new customer service personnel.

Capture Important Details. Taking notes can impair listening, leading to mistakes in your records. Increase accuracy and efficiency by taking the guesswork out of customer communications and eliminating the need for callbacks.

Customer & Product Insights. Enhance your product/service by learning how customers are using your product, what they like, and areas you can improve.

Customer Stories. Phone calls are an excellent place to capture customer reviews & stories that can be used to create compelling marketing content.

Call Recording Reporting Screenshot - Ohio.net


Call Recording Interface Screenshot - Ohio.net


Call Recording FEATURES

Easy to use Interface. Identify and listen to calls with ease. Sort through calls by date, extension, phone number, call duration, & more to locate a call within seconds.

Digital Audio Quality. Real-time digital audio allows for high-quality call recording that eliminates degradation, ensuring clarity and accuracy every time.

Full System Recording. Does your company have a large platform? Not a problem. Our call recording can capture as many calls as you can take at the same time. We accommodate companies of all sizes.

Multiple Users. Your call recording account can have as many users as you require. Authorized users can log in to view calls at the same time.

Device Accessibility. You are able to log in to view calls from most devices, including PC, Mac, smart phones, and tablets.

Save & Share. Email and download call recordings and information to easily communicate important information between colleagues.

Reporting. Run reports to discover top users by call count, top users by call duration, rating by user, most frequently dialed numbers, and longest calls.

Rate Calls & Take Notes. For use when training you customer service personal, easily identify calls to use as examples and record feedback.

Support. Our technical team is available to assist you with any questions or issues. You can also visit the links below to learn how to use call recording or to view frequently asked questions: