How many people can be logged in to view calls at that same time?

All users are able to be logged in at the same time from their computer or device. There is no limit.


From what devices can I access the call recording interface?

Yes. The call recording interface may be logged in to from most devices, including your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, or Tablet. It will also work for all popular browsers.


How many calls can be recorded simultaneously?

Hundreds of calls are able to be recorded at the same time. We will ensure that the system is configured to handle your company’s call volume.


Do customers/callers need to know they are being recorded?

A preamble can be added to the start of any call. Please refer to your local laws to know if this is necessary.


Can find me/follow me calls be recorded?

Find me/follow me calls that are set to forward to an internal number will be recorded, however, those forwarding to an external line will not.


Do I need to download anything onto my computer for call recording to work?

No additional software is required on your computer. The interface is reached through an online login page.


I accidentally deleted a column / one of the columns disappeared. How do I get it back?

Columns can be managed by from the Options drop down menu. Simply mouse over “Options” and click on the down arrow which appears with the box. Select “Columns”. A list of all the available criteria for the columns will appear. Checkmark the boxes of the criteria you want visible.

Note: “Columns” can also be reached from any of the column header’s drop-down menus.