Ohio.net offers Call Detail Reporting (CDR) for businesses both locally and globally. Call Detail Reports provide many benefits; whether you are looking to meet compliance or measure the effectiveness of outbound/inbound marketing, Ohio.net provides the perfect solution for your business, no matter its size or industry.

BENEFITS: Why use Call Detail Reporting for my Business?

Records. Track call volume of inbound and outbound calls.

Reports. Provide management reports to indentify trends in calls and phone usage.

Inbound Marketing. Measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns by tracking numbers specific to each campaign.

Call Centers. Collect valuable data such as high call volume times in order to efficiently schedule your staff.

Integration. Link Call Detail Reporting to Call Recording to enhance your customer service.




Call Detail Report FEATURES

Easy to Use Interface. Quickly and efficiently navigate the screen to find call trends and generate reports.

CSV File & Graphs. Download and view data in alternate formats.

Multiple Criteria Sorting. Sort by:

  • Account Code
  • Call Date
  • Caller ID
  • Destination
  • Destination Channel
  • DID
  • Disposition
  • Duration
  • Newest/Oldest
  • Source
  • Source Channel
  • Userfield

Support.  Access to our knowledgeable technical team for assistance with issues or questions.

For more information on CDR's see the Call Detail Report Instructions & FAQ page. To get started with Call Detail Reporting for your business, call 888.881.0805  or Contact Us.