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Web Hosting

Hosting with Ohio.net ensures a consistent connection to the Internet with the capacity for high volume websites.

With a Ohio.net hosting package the following is available to you:

Domain Pricing

1 Year @ $35.00 2 Years @ $60.00 (14% Savings)
3 Years @ $75.00 (28% Savings)
5 Years @ $95.00 (45% Savings)
10 Years @ $150.00 (57% Savings)

In order to begin the process, you must first choose a domain name that best represents your company or services that you offer. After compiling some possible domain names, contact our hosting department for the availability of the names you have chosen.

Call at Ohio.net to complete the actual registration of the domain name. This will secure your domain at which time you will then be billed directly by Ohio.net to continue the service.

Register or Transfer Your Domain$50.00 mo.

Web Hosting Account$25.00 mo.

YourWeb Address (www.yourcompany.com)

  • Set-up your domain on our Windows NT or Unix web servers
  • Provide you with 100 megs of password protected space.
  • Domain hosting for e-mail.
  • The capacity to download up to 3 Gig per month.

The Ohio.net Advantage

  • 24hr. a day monitoring & fail-safe power back up.
  • Firesuppression and alarm system.
  • Direct Internet backbone connection.
  • TrafficMonitoring
  • FreeFrontpage extensions.

In addition to the expense associated with registering your domain name with Network Solutions, there are additional costs associated with the actual hosting of your site by Ohio.net. These are:

Initial set-up by Ohio.net (one-time charge)

Monthly charge (for 100Mb of space)

Extra server space above the 100Mb (price per 25 Mb per month)
$ 5.00 per Mb/mo.

15 Email boxes (Domain mail boxes)

Additional Email boxes (16-25 additional mail boxes)
$ 2.00 per box/mo.

Additional Email boxes (26 or more mail boxes)
$ 1.00 per box/mo.

If you are requiring Domain Name System (DNS) service only, there is a one-time charge of $35.00.

Web Hosting Account W/ Dialup$45.00 mo.
Includes all of the above and one dial up account.

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