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VOIP Number Portability

VOIP Number Portability Makes RCF a Thing of the Past....

Remote call forwarding historically has been a great work around for getting local numbers and calls from a non-local source. Retail and service organizations always want to look local even though their call centers or offices may not actually be in the area. Although the technology works well, it is usually the price tag that does not. RCF numbers can carry a high price based on the number and length of calls being forwarded across traditional long distance zones.

Providers are now offering a VOIP call forwarding solution that is not dependent on the costs associated with Remote call forwarding and can eliminate long distance charges and RCF fees.

Ohio.net has been offering up VOIP call forward solutions to actually port numbers away from local carriers onto a universal platform that eliminates any need for long distance charges.

There are several case studies available from Ohio.net detailing how companies have saved thousands in long distance fees and telco charges associate with RCF'ed numbers. With the ability to bring in numbers from most US rate centers, Ohio.net provides the ability to give companies a local presence even when your phone system and personnel are thousands of miles away.

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