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Spam/Virus Blocking

Spam and Virus Blocking for Business - The Virus Free Solution for E-Mail

Ohio.net brings the power of Internet security to a new level with our Ohio virus blocker and spam blocker. Imagine an e-mail service that is virus free before it even gets to your computer or network. Accept your e-mail with the confidence that there will be no unexpected surprises. This is an ideal technology to incorporate into your Ohio.net hosted domain.

E-mail Viruses cause headaches and down time that make Internet users cringe. Not only do Viruses effect the person who receives it, but also it can also let others know you don't take e-mail seriously.

Virus-Free Email and Ohio Internet security is available for any domain hosted at Ohio.net. This is an easy add-on to any business service and is not dependent on dedicated connections or any hardware or software investment. This is a Virus free environment managed by security professionals.

Ohio.net supports the initiative for a safe, virus free Internet experience.

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