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Small Co-Location

Connect your small business webserver to the Internet by using Ohio.net as your backbone provider. We create an ideal environment for companies or individuals that have a need for high-level co-location services. Our state-of-the-art hosting facility is the ideal location for your servers. Ohio.net is well peered to the Internet ensuring a constant connection.
Small Business Co-Location$149.00 mo.

Your Co-location Connection Includes

  • Burstable 10 Megabit connection (on a fiber backbone).
  • One unlimited dial-up account for remote management.
  • Remote power management via Internet connection.
  • The capacity to download up to 20 Gigabytes per month.

The Ohio.net Advantage

  • 24 hr. a day monitoring of your server's Internet access.
  • Failsafe power back up.
  • FM25 Fire suppression and secure facility.
  • Direct Internet backbone connection.
  • Bandwidth monitoring via a graphic web interface.
  • Full DNS services available or do your own.

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