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Hosting Service

Our hosting service allows for your website to be available to the world on the web. Ohio.net offers premium Ohio hosting. Our servers ensure that your site will have a constant connection to the Internet. The co-location facility will house your servers and equipment in our state of the art facility.

Web Hosting

Hosting with Ohio.net ensures a consistent connection to the Internet with the capacity for high volume websites.

Small Co-Location

Connect your small business webserver to the Internet by using Ohio.net as your backbone provider.

Basic Co-Location

We create an ideal environment for companies or individuals that have a need for high-level co-location services.

Advanced Co-Location

Ohio.net provides Advanced services for companies or individuals that have a need for large bandwidth co-location services.

Co-Location Add-ons

Additional servers, gigabyte increase and tape back-up support are offered.

New Co-Location Facility

Ohio.net offers a 1,000 square foot co-location hosting facility dedicated to hosting larger solutions.

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Ohio.net is a full service Internet Technology Company.
Offering services that range from high-speed access products to security and firewall related services.
Ohio.net (a division of Doylestown Communications Inc.) presents the latest advancements in Internet Technology built on a foundation of integrity and customer satisfaction.
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