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Desktop Faxing

The next evolution of Fax capabilities for your Ohio business VOIP or traditional telephone environment.

EasyOn Desktop Faxing is a smooth way to transition from needing a plain old telephone service (POTS) for your paper fax machine to fax documents delivered right to your Inbox.

How does EasyOn Desktop Faxing using Ohio Voice Over IP differ from other services?

  • The ability to port your existing fax number(s)
  • Migrate your office fully to Voice Over IP without needing to leave lines behind for faxing
  • Put outbound faxing on each desktop in your office
  • The ability to have multiple recipients
  • Easily add additional inbound fax numbers as needed
  • No incremental or per page costs for inbound faxes
  • Unlimited outbound local faxing
  • Low metered rate for Long Distance faxes

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