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ADSL (Frontier)

Now home users and small business can take advantage of the highest speeds on the Internet. In conjunction with Frontier, Ohio.net offers ADSL as an incredibly affordable high-speed technology.

Every Frontier ADSL connection requires a modem to make it operational. Qualification does not guarantee ADSL service, only a finished installation will allow for final testing and functionality. Call for details!

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To get Ohio.net Frontier ADSL Service for all your residential or work-at-home needs call Ohio.net at 888.881.0805 to set up service.

What does Ohio.net offer?

Scaleable Bandwidth - Allows you to get as much speed as you need.
Dedicated Access - Gives you connectivity 24 hours a day.
Receive a host of free services - 2 email boxes & free webspace.
Upgrade to multi-user program at any speed - Call for details.

What do you need to do for service?

1. Contact Ohio.net to sign-up and get your account information.
2. Get your computer ready (a network card is needed).
3. Your DSL equipment will arrive for you to install.
4. You are connected to the Internet faster than ever before.


You can get aDSL without a Frontier phone line. Check out our Great Packages!

1. Enhanced Silver Plus$39.95 mo.
1.5 mb x 128-384 kbps (Price includes Frontier line fee)
2. Platinum$49.95 mo.
3.0 mb x 768 kbps (Price includes Frontier line fee)
3. Titanium$78.95 mo.
7.0 mb x 1.0 mb (Price includes Frontier line fee)

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